Eleventh Episcopal Officers

Dr. Nathaniel Glover
President, Edward Waters College
The Rev, James Oscar Williams Sr.
Vice Chair, Presiding Elders’ Council
The Rev. Marvin C. Zanders II
Treasurer, Episcopal District
The Rev. Mark L. Griffin
Accountant, Episcopal District
Mrs. Bettye D. Bryant
President, Women’s Missionary Society
Ms. Sanjena Clay
Director, Young People’s Division
Mr. Jamarien P. Moore
President, Young People’s Division
Ms. Patricia H. Wright
President, Episcopal District Lay Organization
The Rev. Julius H. McAllister
Chair, Board of Examiners
The Rev. Waymon T. Dixon
District Continuing Education Coordinator
The Rev. James C. Givens
Director, Christian Education
The Rev. Kevin DeSire
Music Director
Mr. Gentle Hamilton
Associate Music Director
The Rev. Reginald Johnson
Superintendent, Church School
Mrs. Sharon Sheffield
Commisioner, DMC
The Rev. Jeffery Dove
Coordinator, Sons of Allen Men’s Fellowship
Mrs. Faye Diamond
Director, Allen Christian Fellowship
The Rev. Robert L. Mitchell, PhD
Chair, Commission on Colleges and Schools
The Rev. Angela Bess, Ed.D
Co-Chair, Commission on Colleges and Schools
The Rev. James T. Golden, Esq
Chair, Committee on Social Action
The Rev. Jimmie Dickey
Coordinator, Voter Registration
Mrs. Sharon Russell
Coordinator, Voter Education
The Rev. Gregory Gay
Coordinator, Voter Mobilization
Mrs. Cynthia Griffin, PharmD
President, Episcopal Ministers’ Spouses
The Rev. Bettye J. Watson
Coordinator, Episcopal District Women in Ministry
Ms. Karen Richardson
Chair, Media Ministry
The Rev. Jessie Harvin, Jr
Coordinator, Disaster Relief
The Rev. Mark E. Crutcher, PhD
Director, Worship and Evangelism
The Rev. Kennetta C. Carter
Connectional Worship and Evangelism Children’s Division